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Hello and thank you for your interest in Haley Homes. Ever since we built our first home, it has been our dream to create spaces where life can be lived out - a beautiful context for the things that matter most to us. Take a look around and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!


Shawn & Ruth Haley

About Haley Homes

From Designing and building customized dream homes, to providing our own models, we are sure to offer the perfect solution for your family. Haley Homes proudly serves Beaumont, Texas and the surrounding areas. Let us craft the dream home you always wanted at a competitive price.

The Trahan

Custom Home 1

The Sebastion

The Sebastian home has a French quality and a jazzy flair. He commands respect out of his noble character. You can't help but regard his beauty with awe. His detail to character will capture your attention. The Sebastian is fun and frolicsome at heart.

The Genevieve

Don’t let Genevieve's "Winter" appearance fool you! She loves the Spring time, seeing bursts of color introduced to each room. She is very sophisticated and straight lined, and yes, she is also a perfectionist at will. She gives off a quiet and shy atmosphere, with little "peeks" of boldness. She is a cultured-casual kind of gal.

The Kennedy

The Kennedy is an elegant home with a feel of nobility about him, yet with a warm and comforting ease. His exterior is sharp and regal and stands apart from the crowd, living up to the strong Kennedy name. This exquisite "Hamptons" style architect and finish is reminiscent of carefree vacations along the coast... His charm and timeless style will draw you in and offer your family a place you will remain proud of for years to come.

The Thomas Mable

The Thomas Mable has a deep desire for a stable, loving family. She flourishes amongst her surrounding community. She is not bashful - her beauty stands out above the rest. She mirror reflects harmony and balance with her walls and responds positively to beautiful things.

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